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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 26, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. (woman) and it has to end, but it starts with us. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. we can do this. you can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. hello and thank you for joining us. a cracked rail on metro's red line brought havoc for many commutes this morning. some of our own staffers were close to two hours late. we are near the trouble spot. bruce, what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: hey. metro says it has a crane on the scene right now. and apparently they're going to have to cut that cracked rail out, lift it up with the crane, replace it with another section of rail. all of that is supposed to take four to six hours. metro promising they're going to have it done before afternoon rush. but you may want to make some fall-back plans. let me tell you what it looked like this morning. take a look at the video. the train, some of them, absolutely wall-to-wall jammed. others empty completely. passengers say they had to wait a longtime at different stops before their trains moved on. all of that because of that tracking, because of that cracked rail. and it came with a whole lot of frustration. >> i'm from france. every day on saturday, and sunday, there is never [
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indiscernible ]. and i am afraid because we are in the strongest country in the world. >> reporter: now all this started about 6:40 this morning. a guy told the washington post was that he was traveling on the train and herd a big noise and then the train came into the station, was inspected and moved on, the cracked rail left behind. they are running all the trains on a single track. and that means that it's still running a little slowly. but people tell me it's okay right now. >> okay. we will continue to follow this. thank you very much. reporting live. within the last hour, an ex- marine pled guilty to firing shots at military buildings in northern virginia. the 24-year-old has been in custody since last june. that's when his arrest caused a security scare around the pentagon. officers found him in arlington national cemetery after hours
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with a suspicious backpack. now no one was injured in the shootings and the targets included the pentagon and the marine corp museum. three people are being treated at a hospital for symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. ems crews got to the scene just before 6:00 this morning. they got a call that one person was ill in a condo building at 1721 peach street northwest. rescuers found two more people ill at the scene. and one person has life- threatening injuries. washington, d.c. fire officials say a campaign is underway for everyone to get smoke and carbon monoxide detecters. >> we're trying to get all district residents within the district of columbia to obtain a smoke alarm slash carbon
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monoxide protecter. you can call 673-3331. and we will have someone come out and make arrangements to install it. >> an investigation is underway to find the source and the cause of this morning's carbon monoxide leak. there will be a public memorial this afternoon for former penn state football coach joe paterno. people lined the streets of state college, pennsylvania yesterday to watch the funeral procession enroute to a private burial service. paterno died sunday, two months after being diagnosed with lung cancer. today's memorial will be held at 2:00 p.m. at the basketball arena. in campaign 2012, tonight the four republican presidential hopefuls will debate in florida. it is the second debate this week in the sunshine state. but it's the last debate before the florida primary which will be held next tuesday where 50 convention delegates are at
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stake. and now the gop hopefuls are taking aim at president barack obama's state of the union address where he called for higher taxes on the rich. >> if he actually meant what he said, it would be a disaster of the first order. >> we've got a president detached from reality, detached from the people. >> president barack obama will speaking in about an hour at the ups facility in los angeles. the president is on a three-day road trip to key swing states to promote the economic proposals that he made in the state of the union address. the district is reminding you that you have today and tomorrow to pay those old parking tickets without a penalty. this involves tickets that were handed out before january 1st, 2010. parking ticket, red light camera tickets, moving violations and speed camera tickets are eligible. the program has brought in $3 million so far, but that's well
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below what officials had hoped for. would you slow down if you saw someone standing on the side of the street with a sign that said "speed camera ahead." that's what chef jeff tracy is hoping will happen. after getting three speed tickets in three days, the $425 fine has him upset. so now he says he's going to pay someone to hole up a sign in order to warn drivers. he owns five popular local restaurants, but he says this is not about him. >> for one of my cooks or busboys, they got to work like 10, 15 hours to pay $425. i'm okay. it's a lot of money. i talked to three guests, and you can buy a lot of food for $150. so i am going, i got a guy with a sign for one week next week and he will be here and warn
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everybody. >> the camera on fox hole road in northwest washington only started issuing tickets last month. and a lot of people still don't know it's there. aaa says the district has become too dependent on the fines from those cameras. but police insists that the cameras are working. slowing drivers down and saving lives. we're going to talk to another area chef later about a rock fish recipe that might get you racing to his restaurant. and coming up next, we're going to check out a new look to this year's washington awe toy show. including an indoor test track. stay with us.
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well, washington, d.c. police are offering a reward up to $10,000 for help to bust a black market scheme. twice the week, middle school students have had their cellphones snatched. the police chief says the crooks are stealing smart phones to sell them on the black market. and so far, she isn't getting
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help from the phone companies to fight this problem. well, residents, you will not be facing a hike in the sales tracks in virginia, not this year because the head of the state's appropriation committee wanted to raise the sales tax one cent to 6 cents on the dollar, but other lawmakers tabled that proposal. the governor has pledged to veto any tax hikes this year. no more big macs behind the wheel and no make-up either. not if a virginia state lawmakers succeeds with his bill. the republican delegate has introduced legislation which would outlaw all sorts of distracking behind the wheel behavior, from applying make-up to eating lunch. it's one of about a dozen distracted driving bills introduced this year. the washington auto show opens its doors to the public
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tomorrow. we got a sneak peek this morning. and she checked out the first of its kind, an indoor test track. people who attend the show can try out one of the new -- one of the newest cars from fiat, the company that now owns a major stake in chrysler. >> it's a unique, interactive urban road course that we have set up. and it's a chance to test drive the full line-up. >> reporter: and they'll be driving. >> we have professional test drivers that come in and do that. and they'll go over obstacles, a lot of fun. and you get a chance to see how the vehicle reacts. >> reporter: a lot of folks may not think fiat an american automakerrer, but they have to nowadays. >> yeah, actually fiat and chrysler are working together now. and the fiat 500 is one of the first vehicles that people may
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not have seen for a while. it's won all kinds of awards and winning awards here in the u.s. and getting some really good reviews from the auto journalists. we are excited about it. >> reporter: what is the price range? >> $15,500. >> reporter: and the consumer is calling out for these types of vehicles. gas prices aren't going down any time soon. >> exactly. and safety too. people think that maybe a small car doesn't have the safety. it's a top safety pick. so seven air bags and they paid attention to safety in the car. but the most unique thing about the car in terms of size, is when you look at it from the outside, it looks small. when you get in it, you have a lot of room. people really need to try it out. >> reporter: a lot of head room. >> a lot of head room. good if you're tall. absolutely. >> again, the auto show will be open to the public tomorrow. and it will last until sunday, february 5th. now tickets for adults are $12.
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youngster, 6 to 12 years old are charged $5. seniors and military personnel will get a $2 discount. and on tuesday, all active duty and retired military will get in free with a valid id. and the next thursday, it is 50% off for students with valid id. go to our website for more information, are you looking to give and get a little extra love. how about adopting a pet? we have a cute one for you when we come back. howard will have it. got the umbrella with me, i think we will need it later today, and especially tonight into early friday. take you out, see the rain showers north and west of us. when they'll arrival and when they'll get out of here and look toward the weekend.
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i'm assuming we should keep the umbrellas handy, very handy. >> we've got some rain coming around. it's been raining up to the north. that stuff will get here later today. might not get to some spots until after dark, but tonight is going to be wet. and we begin friday. so the rush hour tomorrow morning could be a problem. and then in pretty good shape for the afternoon and the rest of the weekend. here's a look at the day
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planner, the spotty showers around, especially north of washington, d.c. through the afternoon. much more so than south. temperatures climb into the low 50s. they're going to see highs near the 60-degree mark, but maybe 53 with a better chance of showers into the evening and especially tonight. we have been watching all of this moisture off to the north. pennsylvania, some snuck across earlier. and right now, you will notice to the north and west, western maryland and west virginia, this is where we are seeing some of the rain. and i loved the doppler up to the north. this is fredrick county. going back toward the valley here. winchester, north on 81, it's wet. and up north, it's also really chilly. temperatures only 39. contrast that down south, onshore flow keeping it at 48.
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the richmond 58. a couple peeks of sunshine through the overcast. and the current temperature of 50 under cloudy sky, calm wind and the dew point which is is the mid-30s this morning have crept up to the low 40s. a sign of the moisture increasing. and all of it is going to increase in a big way tonight. you can follow this piece of energy out of texas. here it is here, and it's moving up toward arkansas, eventually tennessee. and the response is the massive squall line into alabama. tornado watch until 5:00 local time through western florida as well. that's going to head towards georgia. and some will be what we're dealing with tonight. and with the right energy, it's not out of the question that we get a rumble or two of thunder around here. the futurecast, the rain showers most prevalent up to the north and west of us. mid-afternoon, not too badly.
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into the latter parts of the afternoon, look at southern maryland, west virginia seeing the rain. tonight the rains will be really after midnight and overnight when we see the brunt toward friday morning. so rush hour tomorrow morning looks wet. we get mid- to late-morning and now lunchtime, east of town, maybe a lingering shower, clearing except for the mountain where is the snow showers will kick up friday afternoon and evenings. but still a relatively mild air mass until this next piece of energy comes through. that cools us down for sunday and monday. so the forecast, that's temperatures into the low 50s now. we're already 50. so probably 52, 53. tonight, temperatures steady and rising. and while i'm going 57 tomorrow, if we made 60, that wouldn't surprise me after the morning showers. cool on saturday, 53. by sunday, into the upper 40s. and colder on monday, near 40. and look how quickly we jump back into the 50s for tuesday
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and wednesday. but by wednesday, we have a chance that will get into a couple showers back here. so i don't know where winter has gone, but it's not going to be around, or coming back any time strong. now it's time for this week's pet line 9. and we have sandra from the humane society of prince georges county. looks like the taco bell dog. >> he sure does. a cute 2-year-old dog, full of joy. great for a townhouse or house. better with older kids than real young kids. >> what's he weigh, like five pounds? >> about nine pounds. >> okay. >> believe it or not. and he makes a good watchdog. he looks out the window a lot, he thinks he's a big guy. >> he is. the complex going. >> exactly. and if you want to meet him, you can meet any of the dogs on our website or coming to our adoption show. and we're having one this weekend. >> a special event coming up for valentine's day.
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>> that's right. we're having a valentine's day fund raiser where people can bring their leash dogs out and have a good time, play games, contest and it raises money for the humane society. >> and you said he is about 2 years old. >> yep. looks like a healthy dog. >> very healthy. and his foster adores him, gets along great. >> we got to get him a permanent home. check out the spca human society. or go to our website, we will have all the links to their shelter and all of the shelters to the dogs we feature right here. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. stick around, we will be right back. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe
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all right, today i'm one on one with the chef. he is the chef of the whit and wisdom. it's the most fabulous restaurant in the four seasons hotel in baltimore, right on the water. has a great spa. but the restaurant, i was there for christmas, i had a wonderful time. food was so good. everybody treated me so well. and it's just an honor and privilege to have the chef with me today. and you are preparing rock fish. >> yes, preparing the bacon rock fish with potato and chicken juice. it was on the christmas menu. >> it was. it is just a great restaurant. the kitchen is open so you can see as they're preparing the food. and everything is so quiet.
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no one talks in the kitchen. they know exactly what they're going to do. i'm not going to run my mouth. >> so all we're going to do is start and season with salt and pepper. >> okay. >> and i have my pan warmed up here. and put it in the pan to cook it skin side. in the rest ran, we cook on the grill. it imparts the flavor of the wood that we use so it gets that nice flavor to it. >> now you have that covered with little strips of bacon. >> yep. just slice it really thin on the slicer. you can just use regular bacon out of the pack at home and wrap it up. >> and this is easy, right? >> yeah. just start here and make sure it doesn't stick at the pan. and if you do it warm, it don't stick. and put nit the oven. >> oh, okay. >> and i will put it in for about five to six minutes there. and then --
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five to six minutes, don't overcook it. >> exactly. >> you want it to be moist. oh, look at that. >> i did one a moment ago here. >> good. >> right out of the oven, nicely crisps on the top and it smells smoky. >> and the chef has given us the recipe, it's on and he has bus sell sprout leaves with it. we have about one minute. so we're going to do it quickly. >> absolutely. we're going to cook them in the pan real fast. and i will start to place the dish. we have a little bit of green apple that i have cut them up and put them in the bowl here. and we just have a little bit of red here with the salad. and then we have the sweet potato. just nicely roast them in the oven and then just add a little bit of but ther and brown sugar. >> i love sweet potatoes and so
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healthy. >> yeah, they're really good. >> okay. we got to go, got to plate it up. sweet potato, the bus sell sprout leaves, a little apple. and it's going to be look beautiful. isn't that gorgeous that's beautiful. thank you for being with us. come back and visit us at 5:00.
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